Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Memorable Starbucks Journey

Was lazing around at Starbucks, and had a light (and expensive) lunch.

The finger sandwiches tasted just the same as before, only now the counter bar has a special toaster, an electric-oven-like unit to toast the bread.

Those days, we had a pull-down Panini bread sandwich toaster, and a microwave oven to heat up food items. I remember we had to clean the Panini toaster at the end of everyday.

We had to scrub with soapy solution so that the next food item will not have a black streak on it.

Reminds me of those days, the orange juice were in big tub, poured and sell as individual serving.

I didn't quite like the way it was repackaged at that time, as all the nutrients are diminished, and it wasn't sealed either, think oxidation.
So now they are selling it in individual bottles, in a sealed, tagged with cool name and attractive packaging, i am pleased.

I missed those working days in Starbucks.
I missed the jazz music played over and over again in the store.
I missed those adrenaline-rush of taking orders, serving coffees and the high of drinking it.
I missed Hazelnut Mocha.

If you love coffee, I recommend anyone to work there for the experience.

The staff and product training was great.

I had fun working at Starbucks.

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