Sunday, April 04, 2010

Carrot Cake & American Idol

The cake was given by my colleugue to try out...

Below are some of the comments i can imagine similar to American Idol about the cake after i have tasted it:

RJ:"wwwoooooowwww (scratch head)....Hey watsup! So listen, I like the whole Carrot-Cake thing, but i didn't get it. There aint no cake taste at all, geezzz man...i dunno...(shakes his head in disapproval)" He quickly looks at ED.

ED: Wink wink and pause. " I love you, you are adorable, and i want you to know that; But RJ is right, i can't taste the cake either, and its just maybe the wrong type of cake this time; But i love you."

K: "aaawwww.....sweety...i hate to break your heart, to be honest, there isn't any connection with my taste buds. It was all over the place, the texture was dry, the aroma was off, the taste was aweful...and this week its an important week for you, i am just concern whether the viewers will be convinved by your performance this week."

The crowd boo-ed loudly.

SC: "It is utterly horrendous; its as if you have used grinded moth balls to bake the cake together. Sorry darling..."

So of course i didn't say that to my colleugue, i didn't have the heart.

But i love her anyway.

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