Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I challeged myself to cover the cake. Was really excited about it. I expected it to be of smooth finishing with no breakage.

It turned out well, without breakage at all four corners, and ended up with some 'orange skin" effect.

"Orange skin" effect were much more pronounced especially today, as i think the weather might have contributed to it.

Tied the cake with a beautiful satin black ribbon with silver lining.

I liked it because of its color combination and different texture. Its sort of like simplicity and elegance all roll into one piece of art.

As i was making this, the word "fashion" comes to mind. Chanel especially.

If i ever show this piece to my friends, and ask for comments, they probably roll their eyes, and like "what"? Might be way-too-simple to them.

"Why want to complicate things?"

Below is the dressed up cake I did few days ago.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hand Moulded Chocolate

I attempted to try my hands on some hand molded chocolate. I certainly needed to practise more on the moulding.

Enjoy the photos.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cupcake with Fondant Ribbon

Made this as well. I can imagine how cute it is if these are in hundreds or thousands. The kids and children-at-heart will all drool over them, with lots of photo snapping, with the ooohhhhsss and aaaahhhhhsssss...

Can't wait to get these all up displayed.

New Cupcake design for April

Textured Rolled Fondant, with Dragees

Made few designs using textured rolling pin. The last time i went to Singapore for a convention, i got to know that a particular brand uses bullet-proof material, to produce the pins, as this material is less susceptible to breakage.