Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sugar Flower Making Series: Carnation

(notice the brush i used is a Chinese calligraphic brush)

For coloring of carnation, you may use food safe color dust.

To color with color food dust (fyi: using of pearl dust/ petal dust/ disco dust/ shimmer dust meant different finishing yeah)

- use a brush and dipped into gum glue, stroke gum glue at the ridges of petals.

- use a dry brush to pat the color dust onto the glue area on petal edges.

- you may use pounded cake sparkles.

If all the above sound confusing, join us for hands-on class, with tools and materials provided.
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I certainly need more time to get to know more about each and everyone of them.

"Wagashi (和菓子) is a traditional Japanese confectionery which is often served with tea, especially the types made of mochi, azuki bean paste, and fruits.

Wagashi is typically made from natural based (mainly plant) ingredients.
The names used for wagashi commonly fit a formula—a natural beauty and a word from ancient literature;

they are thus often written with hyōgaiji (kanji that are not commonly used or known), and are glossed with furigana." extracted from

What i liked about WAGASHI is NOT about the taste, but the visual effect of it.

I liked its simplicity and minimul fuss of the overall presentation, nothing fussy.

And there are so many types of it. After reading through, it has more than 20 types.

Wagashi are also categorised into 3 classifications:
~ Wet confectionary ~ Half wet confectionary ~ Dry confectionary

For teasers, check out some of the interesting websites and blogs i found over the web about the above subject.


Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm addicted to porn...


I like the idea of having ice creams, anywhere, at any time.

I love the gooey-ness, i love the mess, the movement my tougue around it, i love the cold sensation goin' on in my mouth...

I love being surrounded by them all...

The different colors, flavours, and texture, its hard not to be addicted.

(ice cream whore)

And i get to taste them all for free... at
stay tuned for Sugar Flower Making Tutorial in next blog: Carnation

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Flower Power in Easter Sunday 2010

Ever since i work for this cake decor company, i had the opportunity to get to know more about the art of making sugar flowers.

And when you are in a position to promote appropriate tools to your customers, it is an advantage to know more.

Slowly, and very slowly, i have grown to appreciate flowers available all over the place.

The mall, hotels, the drains, grass in some secluded area, the florist shops available in my neighbourhood, the wild flowers at my back yard, you name it.

I eventually took notice of them all, the elements that comes along with it.

I started to look at photos about flowers, reading books...the works.

I then offer myself to be an Altar Decorator once a month for my church.

This allows me to practise what i know so far.

(you may use any containers, shown here is Chinese New Year cookie container)

(another cookie container can be used too, save your money without buying new vase)

(secure flower bundle with rubber band/ tape)

Every color and flower selection brings certain meaning to the event. So for Easter Sunday:

~ white: grace & purity
~ green: hope
~ violet: royalty
~ yellow: joy
~ orange: hope
~ pink: fresh beginning

(for more info, please Google around)

(final work display for Bangsar Lutheran Church)

So i guess if i am not in cake biz, i will be a florist. I can now imagine myself with my herb bouquets now walking in the garden with Him.

Happy Easter 2010. God is Great.

5 Tier Violet Wedding Cake

(tools for making the Sugar Ribbon Roses)

This is for an Indian couple.

(Wilton's Ready to use Gumpaste)

I must thank Lord for blessing me the opportunity, the confidence to create, and the perseverence to complete this challenging project.

(another set of necessary tools)

I must say it wasn't an easy feat.

(a sliced cake slotted into the cut styrofoam. For photography purpose, this allows the couple to cut the mock cake)

(all styrofoams covered up)

They opted for dark violet color to match the wedding invitation card.

The fondant peeled off from the cake when this cake was picked up.

I went to the groom's place to fix it up later at night.

(the finished product to be picked up from customer before the peel-off)

Thank God that i have a knick for flower arrangements too. Otherwise, i am a dead fish by now.

(thank God for artificial flowers)

The whole cake turned into of another creation by itsef.

Praise Lord

A Memorable Starbucks Journey

Was lazing around at Starbucks, and had a light (and expensive) lunch.

The finger sandwiches tasted just the same as before, only now the counter bar has a special toaster, an electric-oven-like unit to toast the bread.

Those days, we had a pull-down Panini bread sandwich toaster, and a microwave oven to heat up food items. I remember we had to clean the Panini toaster at the end of everyday.

We had to scrub with soapy solution so that the next food item will not have a black streak on it.

Reminds me of those days, the orange juice were in big tub, poured and sell as individual serving.

I didn't quite like the way it was repackaged at that time, as all the nutrients are diminished, and it wasn't sealed either, think oxidation.
So now they are selling it in individual bottles, in a sealed, tagged with cool name and attractive packaging, i am pleased.

I missed those working days in Starbucks.
I missed the jazz music played over and over again in the store.
I missed those adrenaline-rush of taking orders, serving coffees and the high of drinking it.
I missed Hazelnut Mocha.

If you love coffee, I recommend anyone to work there for the experience.

The staff and product training was great.

I had fun working at Starbucks.