Sunday, April 04, 2010

Flower Power in Easter Sunday 2010

Ever since i work for this cake decor company, i had the opportunity to get to know more about the art of making sugar flowers.

And when you are in a position to promote appropriate tools to your customers, it is an advantage to know more.

Slowly, and very slowly, i have grown to appreciate flowers available all over the place.

The mall, hotels, the drains, grass in some secluded area, the florist shops available in my neighbourhood, the wild flowers at my back yard, you name it.

I eventually took notice of them all, the elements that comes along with it.

I started to look at photos about flowers, reading books...the works.

I then offer myself to be an Altar Decorator once a month for my church.

This allows me to practise what i know so far.

(you may use any containers, shown here is Chinese New Year cookie container)

(another cookie container can be used too, save your money without buying new vase)

(secure flower bundle with rubber band/ tape)

Every color and flower selection brings certain meaning to the event. So for Easter Sunday:

~ white: grace & purity
~ green: hope
~ violet: royalty
~ yellow: joy
~ orange: hope
~ pink: fresh beginning

(for more info, please Google around)

(final work display for Bangsar Lutheran Church)

So i guess if i am not in cake biz, i will be a florist. I can now imagine myself with my herb bouquets now walking in the garden with Him.

Happy Easter 2010. God is Great.

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