Sunday, April 04, 2010

5 Tier Violet Wedding Cake

(tools for making the Sugar Ribbon Roses)

This is for an Indian couple.

(Wilton's Ready to use Gumpaste)

I must thank Lord for blessing me the opportunity, the confidence to create, and the perseverence to complete this challenging project.

(another set of necessary tools)

I must say it wasn't an easy feat.

(a sliced cake slotted into the cut styrofoam. For photography purpose, this allows the couple to cut the mock cake)

(all styrofoams covered up)

They opted for dark violet color to match the wedding invitation card.

The fondant peeled off from the cake when this cake was picked up.

I went to the groom's place to fix it up later at night.

(the finished product to be picked up from customer before the peel-off)

Thank God that i have a knick for flower arrangements too. Otherwise, i am a dead fish by now.

(thank God for artificial flowers)

The whole cake turned into of another creation by itsef.

Praise Lord

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