Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red Roses for a birthday guy...

Happy Birthday Chapman! may peace of God be with you...
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mini Cake with Sugarpaste Bear

Simple cake for simple occasion. Made this for a belated birthday boy, aptly named Ben.

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Butter cake with Deep Violet Sugar Roses & Butterlies

Thank you for viewing...
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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Simple Low Fat Yoghurt Trifle with Peach Slices


This recipe is so flexible, you need not need to worry about the measurement, just indulge and serve as you like.

The idea is the layering process of the whole presentation.

The original recipe for Trifle are rich and hearty.

My version are light, refreshing & fuss free, perfect for warm lazy Sundays.


1. Low fat plain yoghurt
2. Chiffon cake (cubed)
3. Peach slices (or any fruits you like)
4. Granola (you may substitute with chopped roasted nuts for extra crunch)


1. clear bowl or Martini glass
2. spoon


1. For simple plating, place fruit slices at the bottom of the bowl till all gaps are covered.
2. Pour in low fat yoghurt until all fruits covered. Use spoon to even the yoghurt layer.
3. Layer the cake cubes.
4. Add in granola , spread evenly.
5. Repeat Step 1 - 4 until bowl are full.
6. You may decorate top layer with fruit slices for nice presentation.

For a sexier presentation, replace bowl with Martini glass, only this time smaller quantity.

Served chilled. Enjoy

Friday, September 04, 2009

Kiwi Cake

Looking at the batter texture, i really wanna swim in it, and get slimey-ed (if there is such a word).

I wanna marinate so long till my whole body smell like it.

Fetish i guess.

Lemon & Pepper Chocolate

I tried this chocolate, absolutely headache-y.

Packaging was nice, recyclable material with pastel lime green & black color.

Smell like maturing cheese, i accept it with an open heart. I kept on reminding myself its chocolate, and not cheese.

Tasted smooth, and cheesy (its chocolate hello), must be the white choc & lemon combo, with hint of peppery shot to the tastebuds.

I miss those spicy chilly-choc sensation.

Mariah Carey...

I absolutely adore her, since the beginning of her career.

Despite the her current fashion sense, she gives me inspiration, BIG TIME...till now.

My favourites include Vision of Love, Love Takes Time, Fly Like a Bird...and now today, i wanna add this new song to the list I Want to Know What Love Is.

The beginning part of the song sounded very worship-y, like how i used to practise in a worship session, melodic piano opening.

With wide vocal range of hers and imaginative interpretation of the song, this beautiful song just brings back memories.

From Foreigner to Tina Arena, Flash Dance era, me waiting for my dad to pick me up from baby sitter...