Sunday, October 10, 2010

I was trapped...

Tiramisu @ Vary Pasta, Damansara Jaya

Tiramisu @ Vary Pasta, Damansara Jaya

I was trapped in work... (to be continued)
Had Tiramisu sometime back before the Hong Kong trip. The owner of Vary Pasta was an ex-course mate of mine.
We did chef training together.
I still frequent his restaurant with another good friend of mine, just to meet up for chat and support.
Vary Pasta serves mostly German and Fusion dishes.
If you want to order roast meat for Christmas, parties or events, you can call Vary Pasta at 6017-2323100.

(continue...) I was trapped in work...

Sorry for not updating the post regularly. Ever since i came back from the Hong Kong trip, loads of happenings going on especially my work ever since.

Please forgive me, i try to make it up by uploading more photos for your viewing pleasure.

Happening #1
Dinner @ Hong Kong

Stir-fried Boy Choi with Sliced Pork Neck (Hong Kong)

Scenery from above (Hong Kong)

Scenery from above (Hong Kong)

Hand Made Fish Ball Noodle (Hong Kong)

Wan Tan Mee (egg noodles) with Dumplings (Hong Kong)

Back in Malaysia, i have been dining at some interesting restaurants , researching some vegan cookies recipes, trying out new recipes, and fulfillng orders in between busyness.

OMG, and there are also new product line-ups from i am dessert queen, designing cakes for my friends for their coming birthdays.

Not forgetting taking some nice photo shots, which i can't wait to upload in my blog.

At times i feel guilty for not spending time with my Bible reading. :(

And i missed worshipping with the band...

I have to admit, i wasn't feeling God-ly, something amiss...


Don't know which to write first, i will just write whatever comes first on my mind.

Happening #2

- Held at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara, Malaysia
- 1st - 3rd October 2010.
- More than 70 entries, participated by both local and overseas contestants.
- All cakes were technically edible.

Fan (made by edible material), adorned nicely on cake.

Chinese motives handpainted using edible colors

Inspired by Mr Eddie Spence, Master of Royal Icing, you can notice this entry was done in a Eddie-Spence kind of approach; intricate lacework done by pressure piping using Royal Icing

Delicate and complex stringwork piped using Royal Icing; Brush Embroidery on cake drum

Edible cute figurines

I hope the photos above won't disappoint, at least for a while.

The next post i want to share with you is my dining experience at Kokopelli Travellers Bistro...

See you soon...