Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Just came back from Hong Kong...

(Giant Buddha from a distance)

We were visiting Ngong Ping 360.

Before we reached Ngong Ping, one has to embrace the fear of heights, and more heights. The whole Ngong Ping Cable Car experience takes around 20-25minutes.

Now, for me who is Acrophobia, that 20-minutes ride is killing me softly, and its taking me forever...

My handsome looking "tour guide" Mr Lawrence weren't helpful either. He mentioned about a cable car fell off, plunged 50m to the ground some years back, along with a weird grin on his face.

He even wanted to try out the Crystal Cabin, the cable car equipped with a glass bottom. The thought of it already made me cringe.

Thanks for the encouragement Lawrence! But no thanks!

Call me chicken, but despite that, i have made it to the top! Safely!

The weather was hot & cooling at the same time (?), sort of like being in Genting Resort in Malaysia.

(not sweet enough? Add on some fine brown sugar...)

(who is Lawrence?)

We took some great photographs, bought a cool umbrella from Ngong Ping 360, and had some great Shanshui Dau Fu Fa (山水豆腐花 - beancurd jelly or tofu pudding) along the way.

More photos coming up, stay tuned.

Thank you Lawrence for your patience and love, we all had fun!

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