Monday, July 05, 2010

Silky Smooth Tau Fu Far aka Soy Bean Curd

I usually liked my Tau Fu Far served with palm sugar syrup.

The flavour of the palm sugar syrup were full bodied, and complement the soy bean curd wonderfully.

For those uninitiated, Tau Fu Far is a popular Chinese dessert, it may be served hot or cold.

I like mine hot.

Tau Fu Far is basically coagulated soy bean milk. The result is smooth and silky custard...

Unlike jellies, agar or pudding, Tau Fu Far textures are usually smooth, often, it slides down your throat, like breathing air...

Yes is that smooth.

In China, they are served savoury. I have tried once, Tau Fu Far with chopped scallion, and mince meat sauce over it. I can get use to that. In certain parts of China, they are served with chilli oil and nuts, best eaten with rice.

In Malaysia, they are usually served sweet.

It is a simple dessert that is comforting yet nutritious. It consists nothing but the soft curd and flavourful syrup.

For extra oommpphh, the simple syrup can be infused with ginger.

For add-ons, the Chinese also add in glutinuous rice balls for a more satisfying dessert.

The Glutinuous Rice Balls is a dessert by itself. Once match with Tau Fu Far, this winning combo will not disappoint.

It has few common filling, mashed sweet red bean, pounded roasted peanut/ black sesame seed...for the adventurous, one may also opt for chocolate filling...

For fusion varieties, one may also go with cream cheese, strawberry coulis... the choices are endless...

More of those balls later...let's focus on Tau Fu Far.

For more cultural appealing, nowadays, Tau Fu Far can be served along with canned mixed fruit, cincau, flavoured with all sorts of interesting ingredients, so crazy! Its just too much going on in the mouth.

Tau Fu Far with crazy flavours and colors

Tau Fu Far with Cincau

I prefer the original.

You may try this recipe.

Want to have your protein fix at once?!

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