Sunday, March 14, 2010

Supreme Moist Chocolate Cake Premix Review

This is another premix cake review.

Ingredients needed were almost the same as the last one i did for brownies, only more liquid & eggs required.

I tried this with souffle cups again.

Considering with so much liquid involve, this time i filled in mixture half way through the baking cups, i expect the height of the cakes will rise perfectly.

But the cakes somehow rised too much during baking, hence, there were wastages, and some burnt bits. The appearance of the cupcakes turned out "bad".

Think "The Elephant Man".

Feeling unsatisfied with this cake mix, I need another try for this cake mix some other time.

Flavour wise, it weren't that fantastic. It wasn't chocolatey at all.

However, I love the texture, as it was soft.

( I decorate this with some edible sugar flowers. )

With few more tries, and tweaking the ingredients here and there (eg. using Full Cream Milk, instead of water OR using Butter instead of vege oil), i am sure this cake mix can do a pretty good job once you are used to the raising height proportion.

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