Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great things are hard to come by...

As we were dining at a local chinese restaurant, from the entrance, it looked ordinary, and I know we are up to something great, because great stuff need not have much boasting to please.

We were in the restaurant late, kind of during off-peak hours, hence we can dine at ease, which i like.

I like flowers of all forms, therefore I noticed the orchid pot first, my thought was "this restaurant is something else..."

Traditional chinese vases were on displayed...

What i love was the menu set card. For those unnoticed, it was just an ordinary laminated white card with the aupicious dishes name shown. However, to me it was more than a typical menu.

You see, the menu was all hand-written callygraphically, in Chinese but of course.

The strokes of each word were all well-balanced. The spacing in between the words were so aligned. It was just so beautiful, i just kept looking at the art work (or menu)

I mean how often can you see a magnificiently executed chinese calligraphy in an ordinary Chinese restaurant, moreover its in Malaysia, mind you.

Wow! i was just facinated by it, and it straight away brought me back to memories, of when i was learning Chinese Art Calligraphy during my school days.
The passion, the attitude, the attention to detail, the mentor , the tools, the position of your wrist, the strokes...that were so much element involve to have a good painting....
Great things are hard to come by...

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