Thursday, November 05, 2009

World Diabetes Day!

Hi all,

Its been long time no posting, have been busy with orders, duties, intensive cake decorating workshops & classes.

I thank God for what He provided, for being able, for good health, for supportive family & friends, for innner strength, for patience, for the guts to take this order.

I still find it impossible to believe that my family & I, finally fulfilled thousand over cookies.
THOUSAND over...!

I must thank God, God is great, for He has always been there for me & my family.

The time spent sourcing for supplies,
the rejections,
the sensations of last minute changes,
the jam on the road that we have to endure,
the painstaking process for rolling the dough, repetitively for more than thousand over times, the numbness on the heel,
the soreness of my palms

its incredible, i can't believe its finally over ...

But i believe that there will be more to come...

In conjunction for World Diabetes Day, we made these cookies based on the logo design. Visit for more info.
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For custom-made cookies for annual dinner, Xmas gatherings, Year 2010 parties or Chinese New Year.

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