Sunday, September 06, 2009

Simple Low Fat Yoghurt Trifle with Peach Slices


This recipe is so flexible, you need not need to worry about the measurement, just indulge and serve as you like.

The idea is the layering process of the whole presentation.

The original recipe for Trifle are rich and hearty.

My version are light, refreshing & fuss free, perfect for warm lazy Sundays.


1. Low fat plain yoghurt
2. Chiffon cake (cubed)
3. Peach slices (or any fruits you like)
4. Granola (you may substitute with chopped roasted nuts for extra crunch)


1. clear bowl or Martini glass
2. spoon


1. For simple plating, place fruit slices at the bottom of the bowl till all gaps are covered.
2. Pour in low fat yoghurt until all fruits covered. Use spoon to even the yoghurt layer.
3. Layer the cake cubes.
4. Add in granola , spread evenly.
5. Repeat Step 1 - 4 until bowl are full.
6. You may decorate top layer with fruit slices for nice presentation.

For a sexier presentation, replace bowl with Martini glass, only this time smaller quantity.

Served chilled. Enjoy

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