Monday, August 03, 2009


my mind kept on thinking about durians...

NO I AM NOT A BIG FAN OF DURIANs! it's sharp! and not forgetting the smell, it can kill!

no way...

(but my heart kept on wanting my hands to make Durian Butter Cake...)

(my nostrils gonna have a tough time...)

nose :" My Queen, please don't do this to me...please...:( "

heart :" my Queen, so many your heart want to try, you see, got Durian Puff, Durian Cheese Cake, Durian Ice Cream, Durian Chips, Durian Crepe, Durian Swiss Roll, Durian Egg Tart, and they even have Durian Jello (!)"

pause and awkward silence...

heart :" and...and... Roti Canai with Durian!!!"

Queen think :" Wahlao eh..!"

eyes :" look...look... Durian Oreo Cake also got...!"

Queen analyzing & imagining whether profile of these two ingredients matches...


(maybe...and maybe not.)

(its disturbing... i mean of all the ingredients in the world, why Oreos and durians?)

Queen:" my heart, let me think about it, i will come back to you..."

nose:" ooohhh my Queen, once started, there are no turning back...have mercy..."

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Alpha Lim said...

Funny post!
So, did you do the durian recipes?