Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steamed Moist & Rich Chocolate Cake with Silicone Mold

People generally sceptical about silicone products. Due to its texture and flexibility, the people that i come in contact with, thought that it was made of rubber, but in fact its made of processed sand. Therefore it will NOT melt.

I have always loved it, because of its versatility & convenience. It allows freezing, chilling, baking & steaming. It can withstand temperature changes such as going from freezer directly to oven, and can be used as a mold for things such as gelatin, ice cream, ice, dips, etc. I might add on more to my kitchen collection.

Today i did 2 batches of Steamed Moist & Rich Chocolate Cake using silicone molds. The finished product was excellent.

Feeling all lovey-dovey for the incoming St. Valentine's Day, i used love-shaped silicone molds to hold the shapes.

The recipe weren't bad either. I steamed the cakes till the gas ran out. The cakes were tender, moist and all chocolatey.

The results were "match-made-in-heaven".

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